Japanese Spring - 七十二候 春
This is a collection of paintings of one of the four seasons of Japan, Spring.
Japan experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year. 
Going even further into the intricate understanding of nature, Japan recognizes seventy-two microseasons, which are each about five days long. These microseasons finely depict nature's subtle shifts, like the first frost, the arrival of migratory birds, or the blooming of specific flowers.  They showcase the profound connection between the people and the natural world, fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty and impermanence of life.

- 立春 Risshun
第一候 「東風解凍」(立春・初候):春の始まりを告げ、春風が氷を解かせる頃。
This marks the beginning of spring and the time when the spring breeze thaws the ice.
第二候 「黄鶯睍睆」(立春・次候):里山で鶯が鳴き始める頃。
This is the time when warblers begin to sing in the satoyama.
第三候 「魚上氷」(立春・末候):氷が解け、魚が水面に現れる頃。
when the ice melts and fish appear on the surface of the water.
- 雨水 Usui
第四候 「土脉潤起」(雨水・初候):あたたかな雨が降り大地が潤う頃。
Warm rain falls and the earth becomes moist.
第五候 「霞始靆」(雨水・次候):春霞が発生し、朝の風景が幻想的になる頃。
Spring haze appears and the morning scenery becomes fantastic.
第六候 「草木萌動」(雨水・末候):草や木が芽吹き始め、新しい命が生まれる頃。
Grass and trees begin to sprout and new life is born.
- 啓蟄 Keichitsu
第七候 「蟄虫啓戸」(啓蟄・初候):冬眠していたヘビやカエルが活動を始める頃。
snakes and frogs that have been hibernating begin to become active.
第八候 「桃始笑」(啓蟄・次候):桃の花が咲き誇る頃。
Peach blossoms are in full bloom.
第九候 「菜虫化蝶」(啓蟄・末候):菜虫たちが蝶になり飛び始める頃。
This is the time when vegetables and insects turn into butterflies and begin to fly.
- 春分 Shunbun
第十候 「雀始巣」(春分・初候):雀たちが巣を作り始める頃。
Sparrows begin to build their nests.
第十一候 「桜始開」(春分・次候):桜の花が咲き始める頃。
Cherry blossoms begin to bloom.
When thunder rumbles echo through the air and color the spring sky.
- 清明 Seimei
Around the time when swallows arrive and we feel the breath of spring.
It is around the time when geese fly northward.
Rainbows become visible after the rain.
- 穀雨 Kokū
Reeds along the water's edge begin to grow and wetlands come alive.
The frost stops and rice seedlings emerge from the ground and begin to grow.
Peony blossoms bloom and bright colors decorate gardens.

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