I have created official stamps for the SNS (Social Networking Service) "Taittsu".

The title is "Minamikoarikui no Gojiai Stamp." The meaning of the title is "Stamp of Consideration from Southern tamandua."
The aim is for the sender to be able to present gentle feelings, and for the recipient to experience a warm and heartwarming sensation upon receiving the stamps.

Stamp Contents:
1st: Good morning.
2nd: Thank you for your hard work.
3rd: Good night.
4th: Please consider.
5th: Here's a meat bun for you.
6th: Please have some barley tea.
7th: Amazing!
8th: Nice! (Like)
9th: Congratulations!
10th: Thank you.
11th: Warm and fuzzy.
12th: Keep it up!

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